Recent Order

Thanks to @cloggs on twitter, I won the chance to order some fitflops. I could never afford a pair of shoes more than £30 so I am ecstatic about this win. With summer suddenly not being so good I decided to look to winter when choosing my win and with winter theres snow! So with this in mind I choose the Superboot tall in black suede. I know people would say why suede but i thought they had a nicer look than the leather which knowing my luck would scratch on the first day.

Now what are fitflops other than an exspensive shoe?! And it’s this bit I’m skeptical about especially having read so many mixed reviews- the shoes are biomechanically engineered to help tone and tighten your leg muscles. But can shoes really do this? I like most women love the idea of shoes that can help your body but im just not sure at all,,, so when they arrive I will give my verdict!



I am a primary school teacher. God mother to two beautiful children.

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